Roller calibrator for cherries, plums (1-3 t/hour)

Roller calibrator for cherries, plums
General Information

Roller calibrator for sizing cherry, sour cherry, cherry plum, plum, strawberry and other fruits or vegetables in size. To obtain the sorting range in according to the product, it is necessary to set a certain height of the guide of the lower rollers and unloading partitions.


Parts in contact with the product are made of acid-resistant stainless steel and comply with BS, DIN, ISO standards. The frame is made of carbon steel.
The machine is mounted on four adjustable legs.
Calibrates raw materials into 3 sizes. There are 2 types of machine.

Принцип роботи

The installation of the guide of the rollers makes it possible to obtain the corresponding slotted distance between the rollers, and with the help of the unloading partitions to establish the required caliber with greater accuracy. After uniform feeding, the product moves on rollers along the working blade until it enters the discharge funnel through a slot of the appropriate size for it. Oversized grade moves along the working canvas to the end.

Capacity: 1-1,5 kg/hour; 2,5-3 kg/hour
Number of calibration sections (depends on equipment modification): 2,3,4
Fetal size adjustment: from 6 to 40 mm
Working voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz
Calibrator engine power: 1,1 kW
Conveyor engine power: 2х0,25 kW
Dimensions: 3450x2190x1195 mm
Weight: 750-1000 kg