Machine for pitting cherry Harver DM200-C 100 kg/hour

Machine for pitting cherry 100 kg/hour
General Information

The AR-Tech company brings to your attention our new development - a modified cherry pitting machine Harver DM200-C. The machine is designed for knocking out stones from fresh cherry fruits. The maximum productivity is 80-100 kg/hour. The productivity of this machine depends on the size of the fruit. All parts in contact with the fruit are made of food-grade plastic and food-grade stainless steel. The device is disassembled, all parts are easy to wash.

  • The machine works both with small cherries and with large cherry fruits.
  • Fruit diameter – from 18 to 25 mm (28 is optional).
  • High productivity: 420 pitted cherries per minute, 6 cherries at the same time.
  • Significant savings in time and operating costs.
  • Delivery of new fruits to cells occurs automatically.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.
  • The relevant parts are easily removed and washed.
  • Minimum payback period due to high productivity and low cost compared to other similar machines.
  • 12-month warranty.
  • HARVER DM200-C is suitable for use in bakeries and confectionery shops, small fruit processing factories. The machine is not a household appliance and requires qualified service personnel.

    Working principle

    Cherries are loaded into the receiving container and picked up by cells in the working drum, which rotates 12 steps per full turn. Cherries that have fallen into the corresponding cells are delivered to the processing area, where sharp plungers of a special shape, penetrating through the center of the fruit, remove the stone, directing it into a hole with a rubber cuff. The pits fall into a pits receiver with an auger, which removes them from the working area. The plungers return to their original position, the drum is rotated to the next steps and the knocked out cherries fall to the other side of the machine, falling into the storage container installed by the operator.

    Capacity: up to 100 kg/hour
    Dimensions: 535х590х510 mm
    Speed: 70 cycles/min
    The maximum number of destoning pits: 25200 pcs/hour
    Installed power: 0,18 kW
    Net weight: 36 kg
    Dimensions of the holes in the drum for the fruit: 25 -->12 mm
    Permissible size of cherry: 17…24 mm
    Material of the main components of the machine: AISI 304
    Drum material i guiding fruits: Polyamide 6