Machine for pitting plums and apricots DM-Tandem

Machine for pitting plums and apricots DM-Tandem
General information

The device is a lever mechanism with a pneumatic drive, intended for removing pits from drupe fruits of round or elliptical shape with manual placement of fruits in cells (2 pieces each).

The start of the lever pneumatic drive occurs automatically thanks to photoelectric sensors. Knife plungers on the lever, cutting into the fruit, remove the pits. Pits and pitted fruits are stored in appropriate plastic boxes. The recommended plastic boxes are 600x400x120 mm. The pitting machine needs an air compressor to operate.

Important: the pits should be easily separated from the flesh of the fruit. Fruits are placed vertically in cells. The machine divides the fruit into halves or opens the fruit, depending on the installed knife.

Maximum productivity (estimated): up to 2500 fruits/hour
Installed power: 20 W
Network parameters: 220V/50Hz
The power of the electric power supply circuit: 24 V
Working pressure of compressed air: 0.6 MPa
Cell size: 33 mm
Number of cells: 2 pcs
Dimensions (L x W x H): 760х610х790 mm
Weight approx.: 25,00 kg