Plum pitting machine 70 kg/hour

Plum pitting machine 70 kg/hour
General information

This machine has a capacity of up to 70 kg / hour and allows you to remove stones from plums with a diameter up to 45 mm. The main feature - leaves the fruit whole!

  • similar machine for removal of stones from plum are semi - automatic (fruit are inserted into cells by hands). This machine works for 90% automatically, allowing to load a quantity of fruits into working capacity;
  • the cost of the machine allows to pay back its acquisition quickly;
  • allows to work with others stone fruit, similar to plum by the size, for example, apricots;
  • the small weight and the occupied space will allow to place conveniently the machine in any confectionery or baking shop, on production on processing of fruit.
  • Principle of work

    Plums are located in the working tank with a flexible membrane having the funnel form with a niche below. The membrane wakes up at operating time up, leaving in a niche one fruit by which the six - sided knife which is pushing out a stone in empty space falls. The fruit remains on a knife blade then is released and rolls down a trench in capacity behind the machine.

    There are three variants of niche sizes for plum:

  • 35 mm - for fruit with a diameter from 22 to 30 mm
  • 40 mm - for fruit with a diameter from 27 to 35 mm
  • 45 mm - for fruit with a diameter from 32 to 40 mm
  • Характеристики
    Capacity: up to 70 kg/hour (depending on the size of the fruit)
    Parameters electric motor: 250V/50Hz/60W
    Weight: 36 kg
    Dimensions: 540x480x430 mm