Machine for peeling, slicing, core removal of apples 70-100 kg/hour

Машина для очистки, нарезания, удаления сердцевины яблок 600 шт/час
General information

This multifunctional machine is ideal for processing a wide variety of apple sizes (55 - 85 mm ?). Peel, core, cut into slices or rings in one move!

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  • Simple maintenance, labor safety due to the installation of a protective cover.
  • High performance with minimal occupied space.
  • Various knives and attachments for slicing apples into slices and rings and cubes are offered.
  • In combination with a segmenting set, it is possible to cut apples into pieces (for fruit salad or apple pie).
  • All parts that come into contact with the product are made of stainless steel or food grade plastics.
  • The machine complies with FDA requirements.
  • The machine is easy to operate, cutting, segmenting and coring tools can be changed easily and very quickly. Processing operations for up to 3 apples can be carried out simultaneously.

    Processing steps

    1. Install the apple on the pin.
    2. Automatic peeling and cutting into rings.
    3. Picking the core from the fruit and, if desired, dividing into pieces with a star knife.
    The core is easily removed through the tube separately from the product.
    Cleaning waste is separated from the final product using a plexiglass protection.

    Cutting tool range
  • dividing stars for core removal and split apples into 2/3/4/6/8/10/12/16/24 pieces with a core cut diameter of 20/23/27 mm
  • 3,5/4,5/5,5/7,5/10/14/20/30 мм sets of knives for cutting slices.
  • 20/23/27 мм separate tubes for coring and a fork for removing the fruit.
  • Характеристики
    Capacity: 70-100 kg/hour
    Dimensions: 780x320x400 mm
    Weight: 36 kg
    Installed capacity: 580W
    Supply voltage: 230V 50Hz
    Protection: IP54
    Rotational speed: 1400 rpm
    Fruit diameter/length: 30-85/80 mm