Fruit pulping machine 1200 kg/hour

Pulping machine for apples, plum, apricots 2000 kg/hour
General Information

Pulpers are used to separate blanched or crushed fruits into two fractions: liquid with small particles of pulp and hard (pits, seeds, skins, stalks). Pulping consists in forcing the product through the holes in the perforated drum under the action of centrifugal force, which occurs when the rotor with whips rotates in the drum.

The performance of the machine depends on the type of product, its ripeness, and the degree of pre-treatment, if it is needed. Capacity also directly depends on the selected perforation (the smaller it is, the less productivity). The machine has the ability to change screens.

The machine is made of stainless steel, mounted on 4 wheels with brakes.

  • Single-phase or three-phase motor
  • Rotating shaft with special adjustable plate
  • Feeding hopper with auger and safety grid
  • Sieves made with different holes to work with different fruits
  • Standard holes from 0.6mm to 12mm
  • Sieves
  • 10-12 mm - peach
  • 8 mm - apricot
  • 6 mm - plum
  • 3 mm - cherry, apple
  • 1 mm - berries, purified puree from skins, after pulping on sieves with large holes
  • 0.8 mm - berries
  • 0.6mm - finisher
  • Характеристики
    Capacity: to 1200 kg/hour
    Dimensions: 1400x700x1420 mm
    Weight: 150 kg
    Engine power single-phase (three-phase): 4 (3) kW
    Stone unloading height: 480 mm
    Juice unloading height: 370 mm
    Loading height: 1420 mm